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    But not many homes may install one, fire exit doors are mandatory in commercial premises for the safety of clients and workers. There are several varieties of fire exit doors in the market which is often installed with respect to the space and budget. However, fire exit doors ought to be installed based on the high requirements with the local safety and healthcare laws in a premise or property.

    Steel doors

    Fire exit doors can be made of assorted types of material. Wooden fire doors are heavy to function as a preventive component when it comes to fire but many commercial premises prefer fire exit doors for the advantages steel offers.

    One type of fire exit steel doors which can be popular in any commercial environment could be the special Louvre doors that provide the required protection against fire and the required security and ventilation.

    Factories and plants found in production and manufacturing processes require strong solid doors which work as exits. These doors are resilient and strong to make sure that any unwanted situation within the processing plant could be kept in check without endangering the lives of these outside and the other way round.

    Steel doors are not extremely expensive to become installed whether it be on one or double door design. Double steel doors fire allow a larger space of exit and entry for humans and machinery. However, these steel exit doors can be fitted with hidden magnetic locks that perform a mechanical locking which offers an increased security.

    Plants and factories prefer fire doors because these doors can be found in 45mm thickness zintec treated steel piece that’s resistant against corrosion.

    Kinds of steel doors

    Different industrial and commercial environments take advantage of several types of steel as fire exits. Some premises being a double pan construction steel which is folded and bolted with the outward opening to facilitate movement.

    Steel fire exit doors can be a standard leaf of merely one.2mm thick steel if the space is restricted as well as the access flow is low. Steel can be of different sizes and thickness based on the purpose and function intended in that particular environment. The regular frame of a single.5mm thick steel exit doors are typically zintec coated with the internal hinge chassis and grub screw adjusters that ensure a perfect fit while P-seals are used at onsite fitting.

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